by Justin Wiuff
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93 tomos a35 kickstart case matched. 44mm alukit ported. high comp o ring head. stuffed racing crank. 30lbs springs on 1st and 2nd modified clutches.mlm sidebleed exhaust. ducati cdi ignition. weakends intake ported and polished. malossi 4 petal reed and block ported and polished. 21 dellorto phbg. ebr hydro forks with tomahawk fork brace. streetmate swingarm. round headlight. puch headlight fairing. puch mini racer seat. motion pro throttle. motorcycle controls and lines.trail tech vapor. need to get a five star to put on my front disc brake setup. m bars. hutchinson gp1s 2.75 rear,2.50 front. still undecided on what color to paint it. now i need some 320mm shocks for my new swingarm. picking some gas shocks up off fleabay.


1993 Tomos Sprint




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Jason Benjamin: you can run the 300mm shocks just relocate the shock mounts to the top of the swingarm. I have the same setup and will be doing this to it

Justin Wiuff: Yes people's pipe. Red 30 pounders where it's at had some 25's on it and it wasnt reving out enough. Still doing some testing jetting wise and messing around with 110 octane.

Doug Williams: Peoples pipe? And how do you like those red clutch springs?

Justin Wiuff: iam diggin the ducati cdi. burnt through a set of clutches alot faster than the stock points thats for sure. mlm pipe is sick compared to my old techno ciruit.great powerband right in the mids was what i was looking for, i live in a town with hills and flats all over. the great state of minnesota

Robert Cazeault: hey what do you think of the ducati cdi? im really interested in it and in how well it works and revs.

clayton sporleder: Very nice build, and nice car in the background. My tomos sprint occupies a garage with a blue '88 conquest.

john aragon: How do you like the MLM Pipe? I have seen them for sale, but never on a ped.

olazy: sweet, thanks man!

Justin Wiuff: I will take it off tomorrow and snap a pic.

olazy: great looking bike, how did you mount the seat?