by Ted Stocum
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This is a bike I picked up for $80. I received it in 4 different boxes, completely disassembled. I put it together over the winter as a basement project and am planning on making it my reliable spring/summer mode of transport. This is the first time I've ever done anything with mopeds or any small engine vehicle in my life. I also had no instructions while putting this together. I had to find all the pieces scattered in a mess in the boxes, and figure out what went with what. It was fun! First thing I'm doing is welding in a bike seat post... The seat the previous owner welded in is very painful.


1977 Solo Odyssey




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Ted Stocum: It's alive but having problems running. It would at first run fine, then it didn't get enough fuel because the float was bent and not allowing enough into the bowl. Fixed that and now it's getting fuel. I was riding it to work one day and it shut off. Wouldn't restart. Next time I started it, it would only run at full throttle. I cleaned off the points and then it would only run at idle. You give it gas and it chokes then shuts off. Running out of ideas. It doesn't seem spark or fuel related so now I'm going to disassemble the exhaust and see if there is a clog.

kevin whritenour: Hey... I built that.... Long time no see. Good to see it's still alive and kickin. :)