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I got a junky 50cc chinese moped type bike that was crashed and broken. After I made it work again it was still pretty unipressive so now it's got a sideways BMX bike welded on there as a sidecar. i ride it around, it works. can carry two. probably 3 if you wanna try it. goes maybe 40 tops, great gas mileage, and 4 stroke so no premixing oil needed once I won an award. you can too! although after that I also broke the side wheel and had to make a different sidewheel setup that is now more stable but still tricky to turn until you get used to it. It has a sidecar seat but can be traded out for a foodtruck type grill - see photos. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! ok, so the bike's totally a joke, but i actually am selling it. use it laugh at it, cut the sidecar off and have a cheap as hell running moped, or just use the motor - fits anything that uses the horizontal honda motors and runs great. I also lost a race to a horse. so it's slower than a race horse. whatever. those things are fast, this isnt really. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j3Mw2CuiiI semiautomatic 4 speed, 4 stroke 50cc, needs no motorcycle license nor insurance but does need drivers license, DOT helmet, and balls of steel.






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WillD: and american quarterhorses have exceeded 55! hmm, i may have a chance!

Maize Diffley: Did you know the landspeed record for a 50cc side car is currently 38 mph!!!

WillD: tru.

Maize Diffley: NOT A MOPED