Union Holland

by Brent Bublitz
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This was barely more than a few boxes of parts when I started. the original Sachs 50 two speed hand shift motor was in terrible shape. The piston was seized and shattered in two places, rings gone, conrod bent, transmission case had holes and the clutches were glued together. The stock ignition has all the wires snipped and grounded besides the actual ignition coil. Soaked the clutches overnight and deglazed them, re-bent the conrod, replaced the piston with one from a Sachs 5051A motor. It's almost a perfect match. Did a light hone on the cylinder and de-carboned the exhaust port. It was nearly 50% closed off. Flushed and lubricated everything, sealed the trans cover with some JBWed. The motor starts and idles now pretty well. On the bike itself, replaced the rotted out 19 inch tires/tubes, removed the useless front brackets on the forks and added some new headlight ears and a bullet light I had around. Made a kickstand from a chopped off bicycle pedal arm and ran new cables to some new controls and bars. Still have to rewire the ignition, work on the chain guards and rewire the rest of the bike while adding a tail light somehow. I would love to get the seat reupholstered, but that looks like some pro level effort there. I have a video of the first real start of the motor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc0_osKaWLg






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