Twin Cylinder Vespa Ciao

by Frederick van der Lugt
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This project started as an unfinished dream. A colleague/friend of mine (CNC-mechanic) started this build in his garage, but never had the time or motivation to finish it. I bought it off him and, with the help of a good friend of mine, Sven Lehmann (MG Pirates Hamburg, Germany), finished the bike. It's currently at 95% completion. It still needs a couple of small bits and pieces to finish it off (still missing decals and a couple of covers, could use a new seat). The engine is built up out of two Electronic Ignition Vespa/Piaggio crankcases; one in its original position, with the other crankcase modified, flipped and turned 180 degrees (facing to the rear, so to house the second cylinder). The crankshaft was made up of two stock crankshafts (see pics). Sven made a custom scoop for the engine cover. Undearneath this scoop lies a 12V computer cooling fan, which will be run off a small 12V battery tucked away in the engine cradle. Custom paint. Custom welded stock exhausts. Left and right side panels have been modified. As this bike is "stretched" by about 10cm (4"), two left side panels/covers were used to and welded together to make one elongated side panel. Here's a quick tour of the bike during its build, in which I explain some components:


2015 Vespa Ciao




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art schaerer: as a stock vespa piaggio owner, i have to say your build, is incredible.

Maize Diffley: really great build. but why stock pipes?

Maize Diffley: really great build. but why stock pipes?

Zach Sherer: This thing amazes me. It makes me wonder if other cases could be adapted to a twin configuration, maybe an L-twin as opposed to horizontally opposed. But the execution on this build, how the other cylinder is hidden, how it basically looks stock, is just fantastic. Well done.

Tyler Brekke: Holy crap

Harvey Knight: One of the few bikes, that actually qualifies, as a "Build". Such a sleeper, love it.