The General Azteca

by Britt Heit
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This bike was a sweet build a long time ago done by Hippy that I rescued from a junk heap in a friends garage. Listen. To all of you Sachs haters out there: this bike has yet to break down on me. It's slow, but it just keeps on going and going. It's survived two Creatures rides in San Francisco, and if you know anything about Creatures rides, or San Francisco, you know that that's a hell of an accomplishment. So suck it, nerds. Quit being pussies and step up your Sachs games. **updates:**/Users/brittanyheit/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary 9/1/13 just got her some new mags!! 9/5/13: cafe style bars came in, along with a sweet new halogen headlight and the frame is done and looks fucking amazeballs. 10/24/14: Fired her up! Had a problem the prior week with the clutch nut screwing itself off, but I tightened it back up and she fired right up. Still gotta figure out the shitty exhaust mount situation (I have it the Gianelli pipe ghetto-rigged on currently) and wire her up with some LED head/taillights (since I ended up using the halogen on my Maxi). Stay tuned. She'll be on the streets soon. She real pretty. 3/1/15: spring mounted that godforsaken shitty ass gianelli pipe. Nothing like cruising through the hood with a drag ass pipe shooting sparks and sounding like you're riding an explosion. I reupholstered the seat and 3D printed the bison skull myself. 3/25/15: She's done. Great around-town bike. MAKE SURE AND LOCTITE THAT GODDAMN CLUTCH NUT YALL Current setup: orange parts: trailtech temp gauge, BMX pedals. Powdercoated green tank and rear fender. Laser cut custom sugar skull vinyl decal on the tank. Snowflakes, gazelles, Sebring forks, custom homemade coaster brake (YES), spring mounted matte black gianelli pipe. Cut out that stupid box thing on the frame. 505/1d engine, with a 70cc Athena kit. 14.12 sha (upgrading that soon). Stock ignition, stock clutch (they are really not that hard to deal with), stock everything else.


1981 General 5 Star




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