by Randy Bricco
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Born from a love of the English model ss50 my little bike started life as an America import cl70. The process of converting it to a ss50 has been a painstakingly slow but enjoyable endeavor. Stock mounts were relocated to accept the longer ss50 cafe tank. Parts were sourced to add Honda ss50 original swing arm and pedal mechanisms. Suspension was upgraded to provide a much more responsive and tunable ride. Engine size, carb and gearing were all chosen to provide the most useable power band. Reliability was a concern and was the factor that made me add a four stroke to the mix. I was tired of riding my mild Puch miles behind my friends who rode highly modified two strokes. I also couldn't afford constantly rebuilding my engines the way they did due to pushing them to their limits at every rally. Bike has been repeatedly clocked at 70mph with this current setup. This bike is a true pleasure to ride. As close as it is to being complete I know I will never be finished with it. More pics to come. I will switch between these original patina blue tins to a set of beautifully re sprayed Candy Ruby Red ones (depending on my mood).


1971 Honda SS50




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Max Ramos: absolutely beautiful. hands down my favorite small displacement bike to date