Puch Maxi S 46mm Off Road

by B. A.
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First of all I want to say that I'm Dutch so my English is not that good. I'll try the best I can though. I made this Puch specially for racing off-road competitions. It started with a 70cc (45mm) DMP cilinder with the 19.5mm carburetor an a Proma Circuit pipe. It worked quite well, but I wanted the looks of that big Airsal 46mm. There was a problem, the Proma pipe didn't fit on this cilinder, so I purchased a Simonini pipe. The bottom end wasn't that bad, but it had less power than the Proma. Top end was extreme though. This kit made 7 hp on the dyno at about 9000 rpm, and quited at 11.400 rpm. The standard suspension was crap. I knew someone who had a pitbike fork wich was leaking so he didn't use it anymore. My uncle did some modifications on the fork so it would fit on a Puch. I bought the fork for 4 euros and it is definitely better than the standard vork, despite the leaking. The rear shocks have been replaced by longer ones, but I am going to replace them with YSS shocks. I also fitted some off road tires, wich aren't that good by the way. My front wheel was sliding all over the place, so I bought a Kenda K771 70/100 - 17. Wow, that makes such a difference! Really worth the money!


1983 Puch Maxi S




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kevin filkoski: WICKED!!

Team Dirtped: Nicely done indeed! Dirtpeds FTW!

Eric Cox: Nice looking bike, really like the green.