Puch General

by David Couzens


Drove up to Montana to buy this from a guy who drove out from North Dakota to sell it to me. I haven't done anything to it yet other than get it running poorly. It needs its throttle fixed among other things. The seat has to go and it needs wiring up. Current pictures are from his B/S thread. Probably won't get to really working on it until the wife's Honda is up and running. His description of the bike was(and currently still is) as follows: "welded a freespirit bottom half onto the frame. Puch wheels, new tires, new treats crank, rebuilt bottom end, airsal 50cc Kit with mlm spacer, hack and weld Vespa tecno pipe, hard wired. Clean tank." 7/7/17 Been Making changes over the past couple weeks after not touching it for like a year. Will need to take and upload new pictures. * Swapped out the handle bars, rear shocks, new headlight, new controls, rewiring - * Have a seat for it to swap out but I need to fab a new mount for it to work. * Having fuel issues, won't reliably come out of the petcock, yet also seems to be some kind of vacuum/vent locking going on. Have new petcock en-route. * Headlight and running light are non-functional at the moment but the brake lights are working. * Needs new fork seals and oil * Needs rear fender cut/removed. 7/11/17 * Installed new petcock and further cleaned out the carb - no change, the air just cant vent out even with the gas cap off. I have a 15.15 SHA to swap out and try to see if that changes things. * Have new seals and oil for the forks but haven't done the swap just yet.


1983 General 5 Star




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