Peugeot 103 Arizona

by Vincent Gelders
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This is the moped that I drove in 1987. It was perfectly stored for 28 years. In those days, the following modifications were made : 68cc Malossi iron cast cylinder, Malossi short pipe exhaust and the enlargment of the telescopic fork with 12 cm. Recently I replaced the Gurtner carburator with a 21mm PHGB, including the transparant Malossi float bowl to ease the acces of the main jet. I've experimented with different jets, but descided to recplace the valves first. Today arrived the Malossi carbon valves for a better venturi effect. Will keep you posted on the progress... Update 10/1/2015 : I installed the new valves, but it seems that the carburator is in a lower position than before. Guess I'll have to search for a new type of airbox. Also the old high tension coil is replaced with a new one. Update 24/1/2015 : Replaced the engine driving axis and spacers, installed a reinforced motor spring en fitted a new Malossi E12 air filter. I also had to do some modification on the valve casing. When the variator was closing, the valve casing hit the chassis. As soon as the weather gets better, I take it for a test run... Update 12/02/2015 : Seems like the reinforced spring is to hard. I have ordered the adjustable Doppler tensioner. Keep you posted when it is installed.


1988 Peugeot 103SP




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Vincent Gelders: Yes it is, the frame has a Bordeaux Metallic paint job. Bought it in '87 like this at an official Peugeot dealer.