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I wanted legshields on my Seville. Thought I'd share. Not been building much, just riding and fixing with friends and finishing lil bits on the few bike's I've got left. It's a daily commuter now, I'm set with it being a stock cruiser. It's the D with the oil injector, kinda neat. I don't trust it tho, so premix it is. Put a slip on chamber on it and an SHA cuz the bing leaked like crazy, clutches are fuckers as ever but it's still basically stock. Made the legshields from an oil barrel. It's messy. I filled the barrel with water (should've washed it with dishsoap 1st) and then cut the top of the barrel off with it full of water so any vaporized oil from heat of cutting wouldn't explode the barrel. I actually kept the warning from the barrel that says, DO NOT CUT OR GRIND made a brace to the floorboard mount, U-bolted around the headtube to some straight steel bent to shape on a table vise, and screwed in a mount where the downtube cable cover used to attach. Then cut to fit, leaving room to turn, room for air to cool the motor, and pedal room. All together it only took like 4 hours and 20 bucks. I got kinda lucky with the barrel. theyre easy enough to find at scrapyards and craigslist around 10-20 bucks, but I especially like that I got to keep the logo AND with the windshield it's got a black red yellow scheme reminiscent of it's german sachs heritage.


1980 Sachs Seville




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