Bloody Mallory

by charles cofer
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Named after the movie I bought this moped off craigslist, not knowing anything about mopeds (I have worked on cars and trucks before doe) it didnt run, it was missing parts, and looked rough all around. After asking around, everyone told me it was scrap, asked a friend of a friend who works on motorcycles and he told me it was a piece of crap and I was dumb for getting it, asked for help on moped army and got told I was a "nooblett" wtf ever that means. It was stock when I bought it, no ignition coil, headlight, any electric systems whatsoever. (FINALLY) got it running stock and rode it around a little while. Decided to upgrade it and through alot of trial and error I figured it out and got it running like a champ. I've had a bad experience with people online in regards to mopeds so dont be a hater. Namaste All work done by myself. Painted by previous owner


Puch Maxi




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charles cofer: thanks for the tips~! any suggestions for exhausts?

Ryan Lewis: I like the color combo, very tasteful, this build just needs the little details to be complete. Shorten and clean up cables, move seat mount on seat pan forward so the seat will set back farther, and for the love of God ditch the techno boss :)