by Bradley Hale
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GEARHEAD TALK; *E50 w/aluminum stuffy crank *2 shoe lightened clutch, w some of my own mods to the clutch bell and starter plate to increase fluid flow. *77's 70cc AJH clone kit w carbon reeds and kstar 70cc head. *18x38 gearing *Proma circuit with shortened tailpipe, steel wool packed baffle. *21mm PHBG w screw-on V-stack rubber mounted to an intake i made myself for a stupid long throttle range. *77 puch CDI BACKGROUND. Bloodwing's namesake comes from the video game Borderlands, if you're familiar with the game, it might give you and idea what this bird of prey is all about. basically when i started building this bike, i was living off unemployment for a winter, what better to do than dominate a video game and build a bike? that's right, NOTHING. THE BUILD. BW began life as a Murray, but 3 hours after i bought it, it was a frame hanging in my garage. i found the perfect tank for the build from an old 90cc suzuki enduro, it holds enough gas for bloodwing to be the long distance top end monster i wanted it to be. the crossbar is a piece of 2" square tube, and the seat mount is a very thick piece of rectangle steel, 3"x1.5" the wall thickness is damn near 1/4". the seat pan is a 1.5 seat from my old 77 maxisport, i recovered it with material from an old armchair. it was the kind of chair you'd expect to see your grandpa smoking his pipe in. i shortened my tailpipe and fabbed my own mounting bracket on the bike and pipe so that i could tuck on the pegs mounted to my lower shock bolts. there was no kickstand on the bike when i got it (because magnum size, duh.) so i just took a maxi stand and welded some square tube i had that was just the right length to it. i think it's one hell of an improvement. i've added parts and made mods to it for most of the time i've owned it, and it's now to the point where all i'll ever do is routine maintenance and ride the piss out of it. i'm very satisfied with it at this point. blast me if you can.


1981 Puch Murray




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Igor Belopolsky: Ive seen this bike. It is pretty in a fucked up way.