*Apocalypse Now* chain drive honda hobbit rat boardtracker

by tyler shearer


The used parts pile has come to life! Spend too much time in the back of the moped shop and this is what happens... Two hobbit frames and one subframe chopped up and pieced together with a bunch of random tubing found around the garage. Handmade 16g tank. Crappy Harbor Freight welding - nothing cleaned up, ratty as hell. "Jockey" starter made from puch headlight bucket, Indigan pawl, and generic pull starter with a pulley and a pipe. The exhaust pipe is made from stock Puch and Tomos pipes cut, flipped and welded together w/ generic briggs style muffler. Engine is 51 bottom w/ ported 52 cylinder and ramp plate. Notched Variator. Custom intake. Modified Derbi flat reed block. Modified Puch magnum head (no decomp). Put some epoxy in the 51 weights to make them heavier. Drilled out stock 51 carb. Pushed a .032 gauge guitar string through the main jet (roughly mid 80s). Stock points ignition. Has a "transmission brake" on the Hobbit rear wheel hub which was chopped up and mounted to a Puch sprocket and fed to a Puch rear wheel (no brake on rear wheel). Puch front fender mounted as rear fender. Stock hobbit front end. Random shock mounted to random seat. Bicycle handlebars w/ random controls. The headlight is a police car search light from the 50's. If it holds up all season then I will turn it into a LC blaster.






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tyler shearer: "its going to over heat and the rear end looks like death"