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by robertv porcaro
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general 5 star minus all the things that make 5 stars awesome. my idea was to make a cafe bike that i could hang on the wall over the winter after moving into a small city apartment in Maine. v1 replaced with ported v1 kick start motor. aftermarket plastic cafe tank to lighten the load. wiring simplified, headlight and tail light swapped for easy sourced after market lights should they fail. 24 inch bench seat replaced with 15 inch cosmos seat. motor built for low end as most of Portland in built on the side of a hill


1981 General 5 Star




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Josiah McCoy: what top speed are you getting with this? whats the gearing?

robertv porcaro: glad you like it. i like to make my bikes look very natural. i get a good chuckle out of people telling me that they owned "literaly the exact same bike" when they where younger

Max Ramos: one of my all time favs. stock-ish looking because it flows so well. so much style..

Michael Prestonise: Wicked. it looks great.

robertv porcaro: it's an after marker yamaha tank from the 70's i picked up on ebay.

Michael Prestonise: That's a killer looking bike, man. It's very original-looking. Where did you find the gas tank?