some middle the mall shit

by derek winkle
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I cut off all of that hobbit stuff and welded a za back onto it. Dream catchers, funnie exhaust and 3" golden boys


1980 Puch Magnum




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Bryce Miller: Ya know, I might just have to try those drop bars...

Christopher Hoke: #pray4dumbmoped

derek winkle: love you willy dilly. it's a derbi variator, vented clutch bell for keeping the clutch calm, cool and collected.

Bemor Latebird: ef restraint./ This is a rad build. What variator is that? Also dig the pullstart. I need that too.

WillD: I am very sad and it made me nearly cry and feel ill in my stomach- that you'd write such derrogartory words as DUMB on it- WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!?! that you have to do that kind of stuff to be funny- or whatever- dont you get enough attention for being regular nice guy that is smart ,talented ,handsome and has a great life!!- why do you want to ruin your possibilities in the job market!! and YOU ARE- so YOU HAD better start believing it-and you might even think about therapy-seriously - that is just not socially acceptable and you must shame your friends- certainly your mother and whom ever else ??? why do you need those kinds of friends-WHY do you CRAVE being the center of attention in that way!? I feel like I failed you badly as you seem to continue the need for ridiculous blatantly crass behavior in public- PHEW! there so now have a nice day and try being just a regular guy! I am sure girlsdoes not think that is funny- but they is probably too much of a decent persons to be a openly verbal about it -trying to say ahh that is just DWINKS---- YOU have a lot to lose and I hope you start to get that idea- not even just grow up---maybe deeper- a sad desire for gross crass attention??? WHY!?-well I am sorry for whtever needs were not met in your child hood - seriously! it is not funny from a near 28 year old professional person! I still love you-but I wish! you'd get a grip on some social restratint!

Mike Rafter: LOL, love this tank badge!

WillD: boop