by Adam Nael
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What can u accomplish in 11 hours when u combine (1) parts u have been collecting for 8 months. (2) a box of white wine and (3) TedFab welds. = ♡ Frame: Batavus HS50 head/down/cross tube w hobbit mount welded. Back half of hobbit frame chopped and flipped and welded to bat. 81 hobbit pa50ii motor and subframe w ported 70cc polini, notched variator and stock carb. Camino rear 6star mag. Trac hawk shocks. General 5 star seat. Trac Olympic tank. Inverted low rise bars. Solex pedal arms. Puch maxi controls. Vespa Bravo headlight. K10 NOS forks. RM80 front wheel + disc. 1977 hydro rotor. Burley bicycle side car with articulating mount attaches through hobbit subframe pedal shaft shaft.


1976 Batavus HS-50




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Ted Sliwinski: Just get someone who knows how to properly weld to weld a plate with the right spacing and hole pattern. Not that hard really... A different K-10 w/ disk here:

Eames: close up of disc brake tab on k10s?

jake miller: rad

Max Ramos: i like this bike 1000 times more once i saw it's a repurposed hobbit frame. nice work!

dan chilinski: How much for a ride in the sidecar? "Do u have change for a button" - Charles Montgomery "Monty" Burns

Michael Peditto: I love the side car. I am thinking of making one for my Allstate project. Nicely done!!!

dave malone: sickness....another sweet franken-ped-stein. Like the dog too.

Ted Sliwinski: So much white wine from the box involved in this build! Love it!