by Evan Folwarski
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This is a little cafe racer inspired project that I started to build because I was sick and tired of looking at my ex girlfriends ugly qt50 sitting in my garage. So I decided that I was going to chop it up into little bits and put a za50 engine on it that I had acquired through a trade. Then I ditched the gas tank/seat atrocity and was supplied with a cool old batavus tank (thank you Chad Burke)that I plan on converting to a top tank by welding in new gas line bungs so then the fuel wont just settle in one side of the gas tank because of the tunnel and keep the motor from getting fuel. All the frame work, aligning, and just general fabrication is all done either by hand, angle grinder, or at the metal shop I work at on lunch break. #BallingOnaBudget Not much done to the motor as of right now other than a new kit that I'm not sure what it is really. hopefully getting some performance parts come late spring and get the thing rolling around 55-60 if possible. as of right now just going to try for 45 as stock as possible. the photos that are up right now





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Evan Folwarski: I actually bought it quite awhile ago (about 7 years) from this guy in Grand Haven MI who was super into vintage 70's and 80's bmx. It came off of an older Schwinn stingray typed bicycle that had been converted for bmx dirt track racing. If I remember right I only paid 5 dollars for it. It's just being used for mock up purposes now, but will be recovered and used as the seat of my brothers dirt-ped within the next few months.

Dan Kastner: I recognize that seat! I mocked it up on many a build. Where did you get it?