pinball iii dreamin

by rhcteammopeds
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This is my build for pinball 3 gold rush. It's a modified pinto frame with a free spirit swingarm and some xt125 forks, headset and hub laced to a 17x2 aluminum hoop. Swinger tank, modified urban express bars an express rear rack. some front rack and headlight I found at moto Ocho. Engine and pipe tbd, weighing last year's spares and this years options with my best friends, team mopeds! I pretty much built this thing from a bunch of trash lying around our collective shops, since i plan on trashing it for 2000 miles in one week this summer. Hope to see yall on the road!






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rhcteammopeds: I wanted to keep it a step thru but needed to add some support to the backbone because of the added weight/angle of the wheel and fork setup. also thought it was different, i like to see fresh ideas. That's why we're here, right?

WillD: whats going on with the slicer down the frame?

WillD: aww man it was so much better with the giant wheel too. still, nice moves.

Samy Abuswai: Oh boy! This is great. Good job Reck.

rhcteammopeds: Added a few more pictures, try and take some more detailed ones of some of the fab work. Thanks for looking!