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I got this Pacer with a bunch of parts for free, took a while to find the inspiration of what to do with it. ive build bikes before but this will be my first moped. it had no seat of tank so im fabricating a custom one piece tank seat, made flat bars. will be making a custom hydroformed expansion chamber. it runs great and I may leave it stock at first other than the pipe and carb mods. I have a set of forks, shocks and 5 star wheels from a puch magnum that will be going on. will have to extend the swing arm I think. I will update as I go. sorry lost the pics as it came to me but its basically the same sans tank and seat and some rusted bars. hope you like one last thing. this is a dirt cheap build at this point. I have less than $20 into it and most of that is sheet metal and argon. in time I will buy tires and tubes ,but im going to see how little I can spend and still make this a fun ride. comment if you like. Update 6-9-16 finished welding the tank and seat together and making mounts. cut ,shaped and fit some minicell foam. mounted the flat bars. filled the carb bowl with gas and took it out for a spin as is. what a gas..... filler neck and fuel line fittings are next, then paint. Update 6-10-16 added the filler neck and leak checked the tank. had a couple of pin holes to fix, then painted with engine paint that resists fuel. sanded and glued down the minicell foam and put gas in and off I went . the thing zips around good, rides way better with the seat. now I just need to work on a tail light. next would be to put the aluminum puch wheels on it and new forks from the magnum I have but I need to get tires to do that. but its pretty fun right as it is. so far less thank $40 into it. and of course my time, 6-18-16 I needed a tail /brake light that looked decent and would be small. so I found a 4" truck marker light and fabricated an LED array from stuff I had around. I used 10 red led's for the brake light and 8 for the tail light. mounted them in a small plate I made, soldered in the right resistors and used a diode for each set to convert the AC of the lighting coil to DC, this cuts the voltage in half witch matched the led's rating a little better. hot glued in the array to the lens and reassembled the light with epoxy. had to re wire the switches on the brake levers to both energize the brake light without the need for the head light to be worked out great. plenty bright and so little current draw it dose not effect the head light. I put an old moped plate I got in the parts bin on just to test run the thing.


1980 Pacer Super Sport




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Benjamin Piper: Nicely done. :D