ferbi ~ RIP ~

by Max Ramos
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my dream bike realized. Qt50 was my first ped and i love short wheel bases. frame is a mashup of a qt, pitbike and hobbit. Rebuilt, new crank, Derbi Revolution engine with a FR kit and a puch 50cc hi compression o-ring head. AC setup. Still tuning. variates at 10.5k, peaks at 15k rpm. squish is .5mm, exhaust is about 185 degrees. 4 stroke spirit pitbike forks. revo wheels. 2.75 tires. 240mm mono shock. electronic speedo, tach and head temp. pole position for comfornt, hobbit pan for bein a sleek racer dood. pipe has a custom tapered header all the way to the cylinder. variator has 3 weights leovince (threw in with the pipe) and 3 modified hobbit weights. HPI internal rotor set @ 2.5mm BTDC. custom intake. derestricted intake path. polini blue springs (107mm bell). gpsed 50/50 (feb) - indicated 60/50 (march) - gps to come - and because it's what i get asked about the most -> it has 2 sets of footpegs, rear for sprinting/top speed, and forward normal riding pegs some vids - http://youtu.be/YcGYY4zjtbA http://youtu.be/0b8rF43yo5s http://youtu.be/jN_ih0hRi08


2000 Derbi Revolution




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terry dean: oooh right on!

Max Ramos: Hey Terry, there are a second set of pegs in a normal riding position. I'll get another picture up that shows them

terry dean: no idea how you can stand to ride with your feet back there like that, but whatever. rad bike!

Adam Nael: This was the only bike that blasted me at the Ruffians Rally. Gotta respect a bike that passes you at 61.8 mph.

Rick McNerny: Well Max, You just won at Mopeds!