dumber @ A tribute to Derek Winkle

by WillD
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Late to update but here it is for archive reasons. This one was for Derek, you'll never be forgotten. Hes not dead or anything, heck neither are the blackpipes, they're still hanging and doing moped things too. Nah, I just mean, some people are unforgettable. You see hundreds of people copying race heroes by doing stuff like decking their bike in the yellow and black livery of Kenny Robert's Yamaha. Similarly I wanted to give a nod to a real and true hero. Or maybe I shouldn't say hero, cuz what exactly is a hero. But sometimes there comes a man, who is THE man for his time and place, and I'm talking about Derek Winkle here. This was largely inspired by my good golly pal derek winkle. His build, "dumb" started as a magnum, got retrofitted with a hobbit motormount and swingarm, and then later he welded puch mounts BACK ON to put the original za in place. Which is so satisfyingly idiotic and deserving of the name dumb, it's truly most inspiring. So, I thought what can I do that'd be dumber? Well I quite dig the raven mopeds, and I have this safari I've been riding, all stock and 23mph max, that I've challenged myself to not dick with tuning, leave it stock slow and reliable. Well I still am on board, the engines untouched... While keeping tru to my "keep the motor stock" commitment, the frame is anything butttt: I cut off the stock motor mounts, welded the swingarm rigid, and built a pivoting swingarm engine for the original motor. Hell yeah that's fucking dumb. I didnt measure anything, just winged it. Its ugly but works! Maybe not as well as it did before, but not much worse. Why? Because mopeds are way more fun. When you do dumb shit. Like this changed essentially nothing, and was a pretty big undertaking, to make the bike basically the same but slightly worse and with the exact same engine that was on it.


1977 Safari 300MT




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Dan Kastner: God Damn you Will. I instantly thought Derek was dead. His Dumb magnum is one of the best builds on here though.