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by todd amundson
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First off. This is my first build. Pryor to my first post, I had never been on a two wheeled vehicle except a mini bike and a diamond back, back in the 80's. I am a welder fabricator with a background in engineering. I have a shop in Los Angeles and take on a project of my own around every 8 years. Somehow this was given to me as a stock 77 Maxi with a case full of water, zero bearings in the wheels, and beat to crap. The only original parts left are the frame less part of its sheet metal, the headlight, and the case. Thanks to TREATS and 1977 for parts. Thought I'd show it prior to break in. Frame had rear sheet metal cut off and filled in. Welded on various mounting lugs for electronics and ran tubing all the way through frame at stock air box hole to act as bearing jack shaft for variator. Frame was then sand blasted and shot with single stage urethane in a Ford mocha and polished out to a dull sheen. Swing arm was made from tubes cut off of an old arm bought from a garage sale. The tubes were then welded on to laser cut axle plates. It comes out to about 46" axle to axle which at about 4" over stock, puts me at Moby wheel span. Custom idler mount. 280mm shocks. Seat pan made to fit spring underneath and covered with leather pad. Custom made cafe bars from shopping cart parts. Forks are inverted EBR's with tabs for stabilizer to fit on which is in the works. They are cut down 1.5". Magnum pedals. Trail-tech equipped! Wheels are KTM FOXI BARON magnesium rims powdered silver. 12mm axels front and rear with sealed bearings. Brake plates made from 90mm plates available from TREATS in a rear only. Pads are 18mm x 90mm EBC. 38 tooth rear sprocket. The engine is a POLINI kitted E50, 19mm Dellorto, RITO crank, POWERDYNOMO cdi, 3 puck 77 race clutch, custom aluminum intake, UNI filter, wrinkle powder coated trans cover, TOMOS side bleed Estroli made to fit, and custom kick stand. Bunch of other stuff I'm sure. UPDATE: Drove far on 3 broken clutch bolts. Tore it down with Tyler's help and rebuilt. Blasting away with new jet setup by throwing in all the race jets in there. 10-30 MOBILE 1. Was at 49mph in the morning and snapped chain, not even lost master link. Chain stopped rear end and slid around 40+ feet before laying it down. Sheared main gear teeth, broke trail tech screen, and other crap. Variator will be attached soon. Also looking for E50 cases if u guys have any for cheap.


1977 Puch Maxi




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David Mendez: Spotted this outside of home depot the other day! Looks awesome. Where is your shop?

Josiah McCoy: Hurry and break in that kit man!!! I want to see that vario rigged up!!!

Joe Rizzo: killer!