Yankee Shreddler

by Derek Vanasse
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1977 Yankee Peddler aka #v1gilardoni My one and only. - Fully blue-printed/ported cylinder + bottom end - OEM full circle crank w/INA bearings + balanced/trued by Vince @ MrCrankshaft - BRN V1KS straight cut primary gear + clutch bell w/INA needle bearing - HPI 300g weight + pull start adapter - 2.1mm BTDC w/dual curve box (using "optional" curve) - NGK BR7HIX @ 0.028" - 1mm squish - Top dykes ring only (@ 0.011") on piston - M8 TimeSert exhaust threads w/M8-M6 heat treated studs - Homemade 2-piece spring mounted exhaust setup w/Polini stainless springs - Homemade aluminum intake manifold w/silicone coupler + stainless T-bolt clamps - VForce reeds - Polini PWK needle, main, and idle jets - JJN needle 2nd clip from the top - Motul 800 double ester @ 32:1 - Two2 Cool synthetic clutch oil - 11x36 gearing - 17" HD spoked rims w/sealed bearings on 2.25" IRC NR53s - Motobecane Leleu brake plate, reinforced + machined for 12mm axle - 80mm Polini brake shoes (rear) - 300mm Xtreme shocks - OEM Tomos EBR disk brake front end, lowered 1.5" - Trailtech tach + temp on MLM mounts - NOS CEV Bullet headlight w/20W COB LED retrofit, filled/shaved extra holes - "Pole Position Sport" buddy seat, lowered - Welgo BMX platform pedals ...etc. Currently: 67mph @ 12,000 RPMs = Hits 60mph without effort...hills, wind, doesn't matter. Polini needles/jets are the answer. Future mod list: eh, it's fast enough I think.






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Derek Vanasse: Thanks Todd - that should be sweet!

todd amundson: Bitchin intake. I'm getting a carbon thread 3d printer to make these.

Derek Vanasse: Thank you Joe and Will

Thomas Bryant: Now that's a fucking bike

joseph vanasse: i meant to say derk but the desk is nice also

joseph vanasse: nice work desk

Derek Vanasse: Thanks Dan!

Dan Kastner: Love the intake.