Yamaha RD50 Cafe

by John Cash
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I started this build about one and a half year ago when a friend of mine finished his CB50 cafe racer. In Germany the 4-stroke CB50 is a rather rare and expensive buy, so i decided to switch to a Yamaha RD50, which 2-stroke motor is not just simpler to fix, but easier to tune. Plus: The rd's tank is much nicer in my opinion. After getting a custom seat made by a local saddler, i repainted the frame, stripped down the tank, cut the batteryholder, replaced the old wheels with new bespoked wheels, had to change the disk brakes in the front to drum brakes, got new handlebars, a new 60mm alloy cylinder, a 19mm carburetor and a new revmeter holder. The motor should produce about 6-7hp. As you can see in the pictures, I did this all in our family garage without much tools nor space. The build is not finished yet, but in his last stages. You can watch my progress on instagram @drmowl


1979 Yamaha RD50




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Maize Diffley: whats difference between this and an rd60? would that Airsal cylinder fit an rd60 engine?

Vince Latza: Nice build! I have the same yam. What exhaust will you mount on?