Wet Rat.

by Nicholas Voigt
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Update: I ended up blowing up this stock KTM 65 cylinder, then put it up for sale. A kid from Chicago bought it then paid me to rebuild the bike like I would want it to be. This bike was built as study of "can this work". Some things needed to be tweaked and fixed or adjusted. KTM 65 cylinders are hard to come by cheap, used, and in good shape. There are 80cc big bores out there but they are expensive, but that is the route that we went. I did the big bore, had to moddify the cases again to clearance the cylinder skirt. I went from a bone stock 2 shoe up to a braced 3 shoe clutch. We added the v-force reeds for the Dio intake. I also did things like add an electric water pump from an older VW Jetta or something & re-plumbed the hoses for better cooling. I then straightened out the swing arm and re-centered the wheel. We also put on new tubes and tires because the originals were old and crusty. After all these mods were done, I put a handful of miles on it and away it went to the new owner. I built this bike around wanting to build a watercooled E50 motor. After getting a box of messed up cases a friend and a used KTM 65 cylinder, I started to build the motor. Once the motor started to come together, I had acquired a bunch of frames and forks from someone that bought out a storage unit. Turns out it was another buddies discarded pile of parts. Once i had frame and forks picked out, everything came together. Almost everything came together from other peoples discarded crap, and thats cool, it gives it some character. But for me, i wanted to put together a safe bike, and one that i can say that i built almost every part of.


1978 Puch Maxi




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Blackumi: This is fucking beautiful

Noah Adelstein: i like how you did the air intake fits really well. it would be really cool if it matched the color of the bike though

Ryan Schimmel: I love stuff like this being built stateside. I'm so tired of bolt on bikes with paint jobs. Phenomenal. Strokes of creation are visible too with clear. love that.

Nicholas Voigt: build up thread here... http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/read.php?1,3488956

Mark Tway: please link us a build page

WillD: does the radiator still work right without airflow through it? i like it mounted sideways like that

BRAD MCKINNIS: Absolutely sick... that's all I can say..

Patrick Riva: Bad to the bones, one of the most beautiful Rats I've seen so far..

Nicholas Voigt: Ok, a "safer" bike. From a distance it looks ratty and crappy, but once you get up to it you notice all the little details, the welding of all the tabs and the exhaust. The changing and welding of bungs on the radiator.

Michael Dobson: A "safe" bike...right. I dig it though.

CornPed: It looks like its about to snap in half when you see him riding! Truly scary! Great job man, this build is sweet!

Michael Gay: This is the best. Love that it is full rigid. Super badass, awesome bike!

Alexander Johnson: Great style. Everything flows together. I love your little details like the cable Cover Ect. Thumbs up!