Variant by Vintage addiction crew

by Carlos guzman
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My name is Carlos (Xarly) I'm a guy from Barcelona, ​​Catalunya! Work full time in a garage as a mechanic, which leaves me no more than the nights and weekends to build bikes ... I am passionate about engine and everything old, volkwagen aircooleds, porches, scooters and lambretas on everything! and the world of kustom hot rods ..! Recently I decided to start the adventure of vintage addiction crew! VA is to enjoy what I like and give them a new life! trying to put your whole heart into each bike or car! and thus to one day make a living doing what I like! This is the second bike check in VA and everything comes by Massive Metamorphosis mopeds contest! a contest between friends modifying scooters! a great experience where I met many people from the scene. This bike would not have been possible without the contribution of my friends who donated their bikes for this project. (1 derby 49 cc variant, one Beta trueba, 1 KTM 80cc) It's a bike inspired speed bikes Bonnevile:


1990 Derbi Variant




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Matthew Perry: Hey I was wondering what these front forks are from? Looking for some inverted forks for my Derbi and it looks like all the Spanish builds are running them. Love this build!

Dan Kastner: Great bike! I wish I could make it to the next Massive Metamorposis.