Tomos Sprite

by Travis Galante
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Modest build. Fuel efficient. Super comfy. 28x20 gearing. Bosch 6v points ignition. Dailem intake. Carbon fiber reeds. High comp head. EBR Crossbar and Forks. Hobbit long seat. Beefy shocks. M Bars. Using Puch handlebar clamps as risers actually help make the bike alot more comfortable to ride. Mounted switched into the speedo delete on the headlight. One is for lights and the other is a kill switch. Chopped the rear fender for a more aggressive look. Not the fastest but it can keep up. Hits high 40s. Old style decals remind me of the Sprite logo.


1976 Tomos A-3 Bullet




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James Culver: Does your con rod use bushing? or did press in a new rod with needle bearing?

Michael Costlow: Did the crossbar fit easy? I'm looking to get one, but can't find one for a TOMOS, and the reviews have everyone saying they can be tricky to fit. You get it from 1977, or treatland?

Christopher Hoke: crossbar is gross everything else is cool. green bullets r the best. glad u kept front fender.