Tomarrow Herrow

by WillD
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I got this tomos arrow from some farm boys in Ohio who seized the fuck outta it when they ran it out of oil. Lots of tomosy issues like stuck studs but eventually got it matched up an running with the Hero 65 kit. uper cheap and high quality, looks right with the stock head, same bolt pattern and stroke and even puts the exhaust port at the right flat angle. only issue is there is almos ZERO room for an intake so I had to make a really low profile on to fit out under the frame. pretty slow, like low-mid 40s but wheelie machine. not alotta room to gear up, arrow takes regular tomos front sprockets on th rear and you cant go much below 20 (tho theres someone made some 18s) and that's just not tiny enough for the lil 14" wheels to get real speed. it also had the stock carb, janky intake and a stock-ish sachs pipe hck welded on with a custom dangle puffer the dangle puffer was a NPT fitting welded on for screw on/off removal. it stuck way out the back and bounced all around and there was even an auxiliary port in the pipe's chamber where you could add additional oil to burn and make the dangler puff even better sold it to match bengrys mini truck. i cant rotate these images.


2008 Tomos Arrow




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CornPed: Whats up with that seat? Could you wheelie with it like that?