The Pinball Gun aka *the gun*

by Derek Stahl
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Built by team M.O.P.E.D.S. (myself, Josh Gill and Rick Corage) to withstand the rigors of the Pinball run; frame reinforced everywhere and suspension added to the seat. It was designed to be ergonomic, aerodynamic, and faster then anything else capable of completing an event like the pinball. 74mph on 70cc, sadly but proudly took 2nd place.






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Derek Stahl: Aerodynamics played a big part in getting up to that speed, it would cruise at 65 all day no problem, getting it cruise at 74 took all day of finding just the right seating position and just the right change in the evening temps to bring the jetting dead on. I also did some porting to help things. Not sure why the idle was so high, we ran a similar set-up (less porting) last year and were running some ridiculously huge main jets (300+) and 40 idles. I personally think VM's suck because they will work ok with the completely wrong jets in them, but I was out voted on the carb choice.

Davidde Stella: Whoa. How did you get a Treats reed kit to go 74mph ??? And why go so high on the idle? Most folks are going down to 12.5 - 17.5 instead of up from stock. Awesome bike dudes.

Derek Stahl: Thanks Will. 40 idle, 180 main, needle one down from middle, K&N or UNI (same), 18x35, 1.75x17 front tire, 2.5x17 rear tire, timed at firing mark at 3.5ish mm BTDC with HPI mini rotor. Head temps were in the low 300's, I think the wind dam in front of fairing really helped keep the head cool.

WillD: so killer, post jetting! whats the gearing? curious for details, that's more fun than just pics alone