The Locust

by Alan Blake
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This build started life as a 1978 Kromag / Puch / Sears Free Spirit. I converted it to a top tank, gave it the mini Magnum treatment, and infused some vintage GP race bike blood PARTS LIST: Skyteam Ace Tank & Seat (Honda CB50R Clone), Benelli Fireball 50 Front Fender, EBR Racing Forks (Puch Maxi Length), 300mm Rear Shocks, Bikemaster Clubman Handlebars, Grimeca Five Star 17" Wheels Powder Coated in Prismatic Powders Walts Gold, Sava MC11 17x2.25 Tires, Lucas KJ-1 Tail Light, Magura Magnum Style Controls, Minarelli Pedal Crank Arms, Puch Magnum Pedals, Puch Maxi Center Stand, PPG Brite Lime Metallic Paint, Puch E50 Engine, Super Stuffy Aluminum Stuffed Crankshaft, 70cc Treats Reed Kit Especiale Cylinder, Treats O-Ring "Sport Touring" Head Custom Cut & Countersunk for Treats Reed Kit, Mikuni VM20 Carburetor, MLM Intake, Malossi 4 Petal Reed Block, Puch Estoril Side Bleed with Adjustable End Bleed Pipe TUNING: Compression: 190 psi Gearing: 16T / 40T Clutch Springs: Kickstart Spark Plug: NGK B9HS Timing: 15° BTDC Top Speed (GPS): 50 mph


1978 Sears Free Spirit




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justin tolentino: sharp!

Alan Blake: Thanks Revdub! I really appreciate it! Your builds definitely inspired me!

rev: You killed it. This thing is awesome.

Alan Blake: Finally done...done. For now.

Alan Blake: Yeah, it just worked out that the tank was long enough that welding in a crossbar wasn't necessary. I made a bracket to adapt the existing Free Spirit tank mount to the new tank, and made another bracket that cantilevered off the forward seat mount to attach the rear of the tank to. It really wasn't too difficult, just a lot of trial and error getting the tank to sit just right.

Alex Beam: It looks like you didn't weld a crossbar for that tank. Was it easy to put on?

Alan Blake: Starting engine build soon! 70cc Reed Kit/Mikuni VM20 combo!!

jordan markovic: this is one nice ass ped....