The Little Prince

by Shawn Hellebuyck
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Mopeds all started for me with this bike. I have put it through a lot of changes big and small from stock to a polini to a parmakit and now the Metrakit. I've learned a lot building, breaking, and modifying with this bike. Before I got ahold of it I had no idea such a thing as a 2-strokes existed. BOTTOM END: Stuffed 12pin Crank. M7 Studs, MLM TM24 Intake. VForce3 Reeds. TrickMetric Reed BLock. Opened flow path between reeds and cylinder. built up bottom of tranfer ports with JB Industrial to eliminate eddy currents from the crank overhanging. TOP END: Decked and Spaced Cylinder. Cyl Skirt Cut for more airflow. Windowed Piston. Ringland Porting. Polished Exhaust. Knifed Transfer Splits. Plugged Decomp. Custom Header for Metrakit done by MotoMAtic. RANDOM: Modified Pulley to accomodate TJT. Dual Curve CDI Box (has two selective curves). Red Toggle Switch for Curvez under seatpan. Led tailight. Halogen Headlight. Battery hidden underneath seatpan. Sandblasted and Powder coated at QuarterKick. Custom Vinyl ,to mimic 1983 PA50II, done by local shop in Bay City, MI.Tried a super light aftermarket clutch and clutchbell but failed due to shitty quality, though it worked exceedingly well for rpms while it lasted. Special thanks to my friend Gregg Gokee who practically did all the wiring and discbrake setup.


1979 Honda Hobbit




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Shawn Hellebuyck: Hey Daniel the rim is for a Puch. I would like to have the disc conversion hub milled to fit my hobbit's mag.

Daniel Harney: Sweet build! Very inspiring. Is your front wheel a hobbit mag or from something else?