The Greengo

by Harley Micah Lery
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1978 Puch Maxi Sport MKII (Mint Green) AKA: The "GREENGO" - Phoenix, Arizona PROMO VIDEO: Chopped Rear Fender/Layback Seat Mod Powder Coated OD Green & Frost Black Every Bolt, Nut, Wire & Cable Replaced Black Cerakoted Exhaust Pipe/Header Custom Fabricated Seat Suspension NEW PARTS LIST: Bing 15mm Carburetor Bing Metal Hi Flow Filter MLM Puch 15mm Intake Puch ZA50 CDI of the Stars Sava MC11 17x2.25in Tires 17 in Moped Inner Tube TD Clear Flywheel Cover NOS Black Kickstand w/ Spring NOS Speedo Drive Magura Deluxe Left Brake & Clutch Assembly Magura OG Right Brake & Throttle Assembly Cotter Pins 9.5mm KMC Gold 1/8” Bicycle Chain 415 HD Gold & Black Drive Chain Puch Chain Tensioner NOS Throttle Cable NOS Clutch Cable NOS Front Brake Cable NOS Rear Brake Cable Universal Moped Brake Adjusters MLM Reinforced Swing Arm NOS Puch Swingarm Mount Plate Universal Long Knarp Cable Stops Puch Chrome Fork Nut Puch 11mm Loose Bearing Front Axle Motion Pro Clear Braided Fuel Line 1ft OMG Clear Pyramid Fuel Filter Square Exhaust Gasket Square Intake Gasket Buzzetti Rear Axle Adjuster Bosch Points Bosch Condensor NOS Gold Petcock NGK Short Spark Plug w/ Cap & Ignition NOS Gear Oil Filter Screw U.S.A Toggle Switch Heavy Duty Fuel Line Clamps Buzzetti Headset Bearing Set 26mm SKK Black Adjustable Shocks 280mm BiTurbo Exhaust w/ Gold Baffle EBR Black Maxi Forks EBR Black Headlight Brackets RDR Stealth Black Hand Grips Black M Café Style Handlebars NOS Chrome Gas Cap His & Hers Black Pedal Arms Black Wellgo Freestyle Pedals Puch Maxi Round Black Front Fender Puch Maxi Lower Front Fender Bracket Universal Single Metal Pan Seat Puch Grimeca Snowflake Rear Sprocket 37T Puch Front Sprockets 18T Black Guia Headlight w/Chrome Rim LED Tail Lights Black Cable/Wire Guide Cover Panel and other miscellaneous shit... SHOUT OUT TO: Phoenix Armory Harleywood Media LLC (AZ)






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dom fim: Nice Puch Maxi! Are this 17 inch wheels?

MPM Team: thanks! see my new Video this is my first Video of my puch :-P

Harley Micah Lery: Video you don't want to miss:

Harley Micah Lery: Alex-

MPM Team: nice! led tail lights? where can I buy them?