The Flight Surgeon

by Matt Matt
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This custom, polished dirt ped is the Queen of the garage. The Flight Surgeon started life as a new Tomos Flexer frame from England, a crate A55 from Heeters, numerous parts from Treatland, and some from MLM and 1977. Photography by Pixo2. The name and headlight art comes from my job position in the Air Force, which perfectly describes this flying machine crafted with surgical precision. Performance: 44mph (71 kph, still not broken in yet), 115.4 pounds (52kg) fully wet, 65cc (44mm) cylinder kit, large-bore MLM pipe, 21mm intake, 19mm PHBG carb w/ K&N. Coatings: exhaust ceramic coated, piston friction coated, head & cylinder head dissipating, gas tank KBS gold standard. Custom: metal work on engine mount and shock upper mounts (Ace Cycle, Las Vegas), sand blast and powder coat black & blue (Ram ProLine, Las Vegas), headlight art “The Flight Surgeon” and tail art “Ace Cycle,” black oxidized spokes and fasteners throughout. Tires are Shinko SR244 3.00x16 and barely fit! OEM: new stock new-gen Tomos forks, triple clamps, shocks, seat, hubs, brakes, rims. Build time: 2015-2016, ~500 hours, $10,000 in direct costs.


2016 Tomos Flexer




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Travis Noll: First and foremost, pretty bike. Performance seems off, though. A stock 50cc tomos could get to 45 with a jammer pipe and stock carb. performance aside, $10,000 seems downright silly. How much did you actually do on this bike yourself?

Ingo Bousa: What a load of wank.

WillD: did you actually sit there and write that? i feel awkward for liking this. it's a pretty bike tho, and nice photos

Dan Kastner: Amazing build. Love how clean and shiny it is.

Matt Matt: Thanks Derek. The Flight Surgeon is the materialization of my dream. I’m throwing it out there as an example of precision and beauty in the moped world, a benchmark to demonstrate that not all of our bikes are vintage or piecemeal. What’s your dream? How will you create it? Are you a racer like Victor? Is your dream to take the trophy at Moped GP? Are you an artist like Devin or Richard at Janus? Is your dream to sculpt a beauty and create something the world has never seen? Are you a machinist like Dan at 1977? Is your dream to restore, fabricate, and match dissimilar components? Of course labor is the main cost on a top-tier build like this. You usually get what you pay for. Components’ costs are only as expensive as the labor to forge them and the labor to collect the raw materials. I chose all new parts and experienced craftsmen who have undisputed track records for quality work and provide lifetime service and warranty. Medicine and Aviation are both expensive, but they’re worth it to most folks. A heart bypass surgery costs $240,000 and a C-17 aircraft costs $220,000,000. The Flight Surgeon is part of living my dream. What’s yours?

Derek Stahl: $10,000 in direct costs...Blahahahahahahahaha It's a really great looking build.