The Color of Money

by WillD
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This one came as a pretty busted bone-stock PA5o1 from my wifey's co-worker. He'd bought it years ago, and I helped him fix it up. It ran, he rode it to work awhile then got a house and kid and decided he'd let me have it - along with one of the '77 crate motors that he'd begun installing. The tank was rusted through on the bottom and the seat was a rusty bare metal pan, so I slapped on a crossbar and mounted up a "matching" red CR80 tank that'd been sitting around and a weird flat seat I also had. The headlight's one of the treats enduro ones I'd run on my old speedfight scooter. Notes on the motor, they're basically the chinese made hobbit motors, come stock with an overbored 60cc but still stock ported cylinder - essentially the "stocko shocko" kit. They also came with CDI's - the same ones that 77 and treats sell as aftermarket options, wiring is in the wiki on MA. doesnt come with a box or coil so you need that. The crankshaft is also basically the Al stuffed one with good roller bearing and reinforced variator side. There is no clutch included, it only fits the PA2 stuff, not PA1. It also has no intake/carb as-received but does fit the original hobbit parts. The pipe included is a gutted version of the stock pipe that's unrestricted and flows well but has no real powerband. Basically he'd had it setup with the PA1 carb and variator, i swapped that out for PA2 parts and a universal blue CDI box. It's not quick but feels solid. currently a little lean so disregard my 80 jet. should probably be more like mid 80s


1980 Honda PA50 II




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charles cofer: ayyyyeeee

charles cofer: ayyyyeeee