The Black Mantis

by Kyle Fisher
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Honda Enduro styled bike. I got this bike from Simon Early also of the Ghost Riders, he found it in a barn out in the sticks for dirt cheap. Started life as the super rad 1983 Hobbit that came with a CDI on it stock and dorky turn signals. Oddly enough, it had an Aero 50 CDI box on it so when I had it modstock with a pipe this bike was torquey as hell. Stripped it down to the motor and powder coated the frame in our shop. Initially, the gold flake powder that you see was a total accident but I said fuck it and ran with a #BlkAndGld paint scheme. Front fender is the stock one I chopped down and mounted to the triple tree. The headlight I found on ebay from a Chinese parts distributor, thing looks like it was made for this bike. Mud flap on the rear fender came from a trashed Fantic V1 we had in the shop. Seat was done by Ghost Rider Craig Hobbes as an early birthday gift. Still in break in, but hitting around 48. Once I feel that the kit is relatively well broken in, I'm going to down jet and see if I can't at least get 50+ MPH out of this build. At some point, I'd like to also have someone custom fab an upsweeping pipe to really get the Enduro look on the bike. It's dangerous to have the circuit on there with the offroading I've done on this build thus far. Parts list: Trick 6 Variator Yellow Springs in Variator Stock Contra Spring Shinko Knobby 17x2.275 Tires Honda Dos Circuit Pipe Rando Chinese Dirtbike Headlight 70cc DR Honda Kit Aluminum Stuffed Honda Crank Stock Belt 300mm Shocks


1983 Honda Hobbit




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