The Batarelli

by terry mcginnis
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Twas a racebike. Originally the first moped I ever wanted. Sat behind my friends house for 15 years and then one day I asked if i could have it to 'get running' again and chad said i could but the only condition was that he could get to ride it. So I raced it in 2014 at NEMA and came in 5th place (better then last righttttt?) and then I added lights on it so I could ride it on the streetz of boston. then I figured out my timing and went full retard and blew up the needle bearing in the brn 80cc kit i was running. So now it comes back from the dead with a vengeance to take over the streets of boston once again UgLiEs TOPTANK YEAR OF THE LIQUOR STORE RACER 2015. Kawasaki KX80 Front End W/ Disc Brake & Wheel Minarelli V1 Engine Mounts done by Randy Lazer with V1 Full Circle Crank y TOP needle bearing con Polini 75cc Kit (Was brn 80cc b4) Shitty casematching job by Quinn when he first got into mopeds Generic 320mm Rear Shocks and Footpegs Mikuni VM22 w/ MLM Intake Weird Minarelli 80cc head with angled sparkplug (where did it come from?) Reupholstered seat from the upholstery shop next 2 herb chambers vespa (eww herb chambers vespa) Cyclops Dual Headlight Faring thingey Lucky2Strokes Dashboard with cool red airplane killswitch and generic analog chinese tachometer. Trail Tech Temp sensor comming soon. Oh did I mention this bike tried to kill me once? I have the scars to prove it! Much Torque, very WoW.


1979 Batavus Regency




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