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by DJ Lou
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Flat pink Vespa Grande with turquoise accents. Almost complete, seat needs to be finished. Pink list: translucent pedals, brake/throttle/decomp cables, chain, frame, forks and fenders. Turquoise list: grips, fork tree, gas cap, custom fork spring/boots, spokes, and shocks. Front fenders chopped and lowered to hug the wheel more. Rear fender chopped off at the end of the seat, left on there to keep the mud/dirt from slinging up. LED tail light (will post a pic of it later). Modified kinetic subframe/swing arm. Mountain bike handlebars, and levers, chrome throttle. Took the rear springs apart and cleaned the chrome on the spring and painted the shocks. Cleaned the chrome on the rims and painted the spokes. Removed as much rust from the forks, wheel, head light, springs and muffler as much as possible. Removed all paint/dirt from aluminium parts (engine, case, and light mounts). Installed a keyed kill switch, simplified the wiring to allow for running light and headlight. Only mods are removing the brass from the variator, carb, and ordered a pipe. I will update with new pix soon, will be adding white walls or pink/turquoise walls not sure yet. Bar end mirrors have been installed, wires have been concealed and top cover has been put back on just have not had a chance to take a new picture. Follow @djlouSpin instagraham


1978 Vespa Grande




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