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This is TRACy. She dumb. here's my dumb thing. It's name is TRACy Meade When I first started working on Tracy Adkins, it was just a spare TRAC Clipper frame Mark Swoop had picked up. I bought it for $25 cuz i'm dumb and was bored. Tracy Byrd didn't even have a motor at the time, so I fabbed up some mounts for an A35 the Bottom mounts on the Trac match the a35 perfectly, so chain alignments easy peasy. it just needed top bolt hangers - i just welded in a few simple tabs. I then got to thinkin, hey - I've got this sweet beefy mountainbike extended monoshock swingarm - that'll look rad if I can fit it on Spencer Tracy! So I cut out the mounts to fit and slid her in there in place of the boring old swingarm Also had some sweet XR80 forks, they'd originally been intended to go on my Sachs, but the head tube was too short. But I didnt mind cutting down the head tube on Ole Tracy Ullman! Pulled the cup out, cut it flat and pressed the cup back in, FLAWLESS I put some old tomos 16's on, and the legshieilds etc, and Tracy v1 RATATRAC doodoo pile RAt bike fun was born HOLY SHIT though, This'd be way more fun if TRACi Lords had some mini Supertom tomos minidirtbike wheels!!! The chain line/tension was a bitch on Tracy Morgan, so I wound up making a skateboard wheel tensioner (with a blue matching wheel WOWOWOW) It worked well, and I found that softer durometer wheels actually wear down less because they deform a littlebit elastically before shredding the way the harder wheels did. that was kindof counter intuitive. I put some bolts through the wheel and stuck it in a drill, then held a chain around it to wear in grooves and keep it a nice chain tensioner. Put a A55 front sprocket on to push the chain out some too. I've actually since rearranged the chain on Tracy Chapman to run without the tensioner. I mounted a number plate on Tracy Byrd using the Supertom's number plate mounts, mounted the trac fender high under the XR80 triple tree and made a headlight mount in it. then spraypainted it gratuitously with SWOOPS (in matching blue of course) Supertom high pipe, slightly modded to fit the legshields, + nice lil seat on there and Dick TRACy was finished.


1980 Trac Clipper




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river2strokes: I love this build!

Joey Poole: what a stupid baby bike

Christopher Hoke: this is so much good.

Dan Kastner: Well done. This has got to be the moped that breaks mopeds.