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This is one of Freddie's Imports, made in Holland. It's actually the Sparta "Funny" not the Happy mini, though it shares the same frame as the Happy Mini. Basically it's a 3 part frame, The front section's a tube frame with the forks and 12in wheel, it bolts into the middle which holds the moto and subframe, and that then bolts into the rear with the seat and rack. The Happy Mini's have the tank on the front downtube, whereas the Funny has a bare front downtube, and a different rear section that includes the tank under the seat. He wanted to try out the new Sachs Airsal 2 part kits, and so did I, and after looking at a few different sachs, it HAD to be the Funny. Case matched with play dough, 1st and last time i'll do that. It worked OK, but it's just so half-assed and you can't really get very deep with the matching. Had to regear enormously and the gearing's still way too low. It's got the puch/moby/peugeot style rear sprockets and the smallest available is the 35 that's on it. Gotta get a 13 up front next. The frame and crappy angled intake port of the Airsal prevents you from using any decent intake besides the one provided, which allows no room to fit anything but the POS stock square bing. I'll be chopping that up soon to make room for an actual 15, since the intake ID is 15mm. IDIOT MOVE AIRSAL! Pipe is made from a scooter pipe and some baffles and header sections of a few various other pipes. At first the header was way too long, but shortened it has a much more usable powerband. less wheelies, but at least it's rideable over 25mph


1975 Sparta Happy Mini




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Andrew Scouten: What is that god damn pipe!?