by Cody Frush
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First off - I have to say, I LOVE BLANCOS. They are too badass, and I think this one is turning out to be pretty f!@#ing sick. Because I travel for extended projects, I've been buying bikes I find to ride while I am in that area. I had always wanted to visit Lucky Two Strokes in Boston, and when I was told I'd be in the area for up to 8 months - I was pretty excited. On my first visit to their shop, they told me they had a V1 they'd be willing to sell - and it turned out to be a BLUE Blanco. I was like, YES. Anyway, for the past couple months I've been going to and from the shop working on it. Before they picked it up, it had been stored outdoors without a spark plug in the head. On the first day with it Quinn and I dug deep into the motor to un-seize the cylinder and get it running again. That did happen, but it was blowing tons of smoke, even after riding it for 40-ish minutes trying to burn out the pipe. The next day I could get back I found that the pipe was full of oil, the crank seals were done. We swapped out the seals, but something was up with the reassembly - the crank was garbage. I meant for the bike to just be a stock cruiser, but if it needed a new crank - I might as well just build a bike that could use a race crank. The bike would get Tomos Dirtbike forks like I have on my Bianchimatic, the BRN 76cc kit, an MLM intake, 18mm Mikuni, Treats' V1 Race Crank, new bearings, seals, gaskets, a machined head, sealed bearing conversion in the rear wheel, Pietcard CDI with a 2041 box, and a Tomos circuit pipe. The guys at Lucky Two Strokes did all that to get the bike running for the Uglies' rally. I really appreciate everything they did because it was all really last minute, and they were trying to make sure I had a bike to ride during the rally, that was way too cool. Since the rally, I've installed some hydraulic shocks, bars, mounted a pair of Heidenau tires. I've got a good bit of small stuff left until it is "done", but it's ridable now. I've got all the fenders and sidecovers off of it, I am going to strip and airbrush them this week. I'm also waiting on a Tomos BK100 pipe, a front sprocket, and a fender to come in the mail from Treats. I'll post some more pics as I take them and what not. UPDATE Yo MLM BK100 came in and being a Tomos pipe, it had a stupid long header which made me pretty uncomfortable. You can see this in the second pic. So I had the pipe cut down and welded back together, along with some solid custom mounting for it. We'll see how this affects the pipe's characteristics as I ride it some more. I also swapped the gear up front and slapped on a new chain. The bike definitely needs some stiffer clutch springs to get into that pipe better with this kit.





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