by Cody Frush
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This was one of the most fun builds I have personally done. I pretty much just did everything I had been wanting to do with a bike but couldn't for one reason or another. This was a bike built by a committee, and the committee One fun fact is this bike at one time belonged to Chad Burke. He had done a bunch of things with it before passing it on, though the bike was in need of some work by the time I had come to own it. Andy and I first worked on getting the bike to run in it's most stock form, and upon achieving that we found that its seals were blown out, and the crank was pretty crunchy. I was already intending to rebuild the whole bike so this just made it feel more justified. I first started by acquiring some Tomos Revival forks including the hydraulic disc brakes, and a Streetmate rear wheel and swing arm. I got those from Mike Vinings on the way back from Cincinnati where I had picked up The Orange Blanco. It needed to do some grinding to get the forks the fit on the frame. I had envisioned a paint job that was like an old 70's helmet with deep metallic flake. To get that effect I found a green spray paint with giant metallic flake and carefully laid down like 20 coats of it on the tank, front fairing, seat, and fenders. Later I took an extra thick clearcoat and carefully applied like 20 more coats of that letting it dry and then wet sanding in-between each coat. Before adding the final 5 coats of paint, I put down some gold vinyl hand pin striping. One day we went to Detroit to hang out at DMW, and I was able to pick up and new MLM Cali Sidebleed from Alex Samul at a really good price. Shout out to Alex and DMW!! Anyway, I am running out of time to write this up, but the engine rebuild is pretty vanilla by this day in time. It got a full rebuild with new seals, bearings, a race crank, and gaskets. It got the 73cc V1 Polini kit, a 20mm Mikuni, an MLM intake. I had a lot of trouble fighting with a CDI setup I that continuously fried boxes. I currently believed it's stopped doing that. That was bad and I didn't like it. All in all, I give the experiences I had with the build and the people I built it with a 10 out of 10.


1982 General 5 Star




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