by Cody Frush
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Everyone has or has had a bike that is just, for them, "The Bike". This Blanco is mine. I've done so much on this bike - I learned so much shit, ridden all over, met so many cool people, rallied, done quite a few walks of shame, etc. It was my first bike too. Not that I'm any kind of "Moped Wizard", but back then I was pretty nervous about motors and riding things with motors. I got this bike from Zero Brian Berends through Andy Scouten who got me into mopeds. It had been hit by a car and its already shitty stock forks were even more ruined. Brian had swapped them out for those bitchin' long chrome ones. They came from a swap meet, off of a pit bike of some kind. Shortly after buying the bike itself, I made a big Treats order and got the bike into its current setup. It was V1 Polini'd, with a 21 PHBG, and chrome Boss pipe. The intake was a hacked header from a stock puch pipe. I drilled a block of wood to the book rack and set a Hobbit seat on top of it. A year later it got welded to the frame with a door hinge. Around that time I put in the blue clutch springs, which were pretty great. Eventually, I swapped the wheels for some Tomos mags, for the sealed bearings and more readily available brake pads/parts (I don't have a pic of those I don't think). I've had a job where I travel 100% on long projects for 3 years now, so it's been in storage while I've been on the road. I've been buying and building bikes where I go, and I'll be posting those bikes here too. Thanks for checking this bike out, maybe I'll see you in your town with it someday.





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