Stretched Maxi

by sergio zaragoza
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with the help of joe schuitema we built this 1978 puch maxi, its stretched 10" using a stock magnum swingarm , welded a brace for support and made it rigid. it has a motobecane cross bar and a polini race seat , puch old style 5 stars , puch EBR forks with custom diskbrake mount , mike thomas disk setup. m bars. custom paint. pirelli 17x 3.25 in the rear and a heidenau k56 17x3.00 in the front . not the most comfortable but it sure is fun... also won best moped at the 2012 ghost ride rally


1978 Puch Maxi




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Justin Scarborough: F... Ya

justin tolentino: is that an extra gas reservoir or a fire extinguisher?

Jaime Near: I think some pegs on the swingarm (that no longer swings) would be the only thing I would add to this bike, because it's beautiful otherwise.

Christopher Hoke: nice maxi but it is odd that this is ranked so high.

matt rollins: nice!

ryan mayer: yeah, not what I think ought to be number one on here.

WillD: It's odd that this is Garage's #1.

josh shandler: by far my favorite.

Andy White: Sergio is the man!

Adam Ngo: Sergio is a good wrenching bud of mine. I've gotten to ride this bike and it drives as sweet as it looks. Now my builds have to compete with this.

steven mathews: fuckin badass.

Mark Riddell: sorry the stretch does nothing for me...... kinda outa proportion, (for me) great work, done well, not for me, i do love the motor :-)

terry dean: gotta rejet! gilas are too expensive to run without a filterrrrr

Ron D: duuuuuudddeeeee, soooo sick! very inspiring to start a new build!

sergio zaragoza: thanks !! i tried runnig an air filter and it just bogged it out it did not like any restrictions

terry dean: why no air filter? best maxi ever, btw.

katy besnard: bowie!

jared castillo: gret job! very well done , i dig the stretch and the overall look

richard morales: Dayuuum.... nice.

george avila: fuckin badass!!! i love this build.