StreetMag R

by river2strokes
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river2strokes: @greg crichlow it is a SS MLM magnum pan, powder coated hi gloss black

river2strokes: header is from MB5 with puch flange hacked/welded @ray santos

George Crichlow: I am building a cafe racer from the streetmate frame. Is that an MLM seat pan and what are the dimensions?

Ray Santos: did you cut the header off and use it for the pipe?

river2strokes: stock A55 front end - tires are 3.0F/3.25R Sava MC2 both came stock on Streetmate R. the mags actually say 'TUBELESS' on them just noticing. might have to run slicks if i ever run these Sava's out

John Connolly: What are the forks from? Tyre size? Awesome beast!

David Gabert: This is one of the meanest mopeds I've ever seen! Beautiful!

river2strokes: @derek mik flatslide foamer

Derek Stahl: What's that air filter from?

river2strokes: agreed @jackson - and thanks!

Jackson Farley: seriously, it's so chunky.

Jackson Farley: This thing is so duuuuurty. I love it.