Storm Trooper

by Rebecca Dreyfus
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First build and loved every step of the way. Also added TJT Variator and Stuffy Race Crank.


1979 Honda Hobbit




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Brendan McGinnis: Damn. That is a beautiful Hobbit right there.

Rebecca Dreyfus: Neil - Right now I have a 96 jet in my 21phbg. runs rich but I don't mind it as long as I watch my temps! Aw thanks Brian! Can't wait to run into ya at a rally hopefully in the near future!

Brian Johnson: Great bike ans sweetheart of a person. Met in Nashville and this bike is better in person,

Neil Burgess: Very nice! I'm jealous of your wheels. What jetting in the malossi kit? I'm converting mine now to 21phbg.

dave malone: sugar-ped

Achim Crisan: BRAVO, SUPREME!

Achim Crisan: BRAVO, SUPREME!

Rebecca Dreyfus: thanks guys! I'm actually on the hunt for a new headlight so I'll give that a shot and see how it looks.

Maize Diffley: ^ I agree with Will. I think the old headlight in white and black would look great.

WillD: this really is a neat clean and totally "moped" moped. leaves all the good old stuff and replaces all the bad old stuff. nice bike. I'd like it more perhaps to see the old stock headlight mounted down there low and B&W colored

Michael Prestonise: Beautiful. The white looks killer.

Rebecca Dreyfus: Hits 50 on a chilly day and just a bit under that when it's warmer.

Christopher Carrillo: Top speed?