Stock Ass Yellow Moby

by Andrew Scouten
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This is one of my absolute favorite Moby's! The story behind it is hilarious as well, I bought this bike for a song from my good friend Steve Bailey, he's always picking up cheap bikes and spreading them around for a just a few bucks over what he paid or jsut his gas $, it really helps out the community. Anyhow he got this bike from someone who said "it runs but doesnt Idle" if you look at the below pictures you may know why, so I figured why not, it had a 70 kit, cdi, and a 15 sha, ohhhhh was I in for a surprise. Yes it somehow did start, but wouldnt idle, so I took the carb apart, found a woodscrew holding the floatbowl on, I replaced it with a 14/12, same thing, so I said fuck it, I'll just do a full rebuild, so I ordered a cheap crank from Treats, cases from DOS, expecting to reuse the 70 Airsal, again, noooopppeee. I built the bottom end then went to take the 70 kit off the old motor, I discovered that someone drilled holes all over the damn piston! the reason for the poor idle has been located....So I ordered what Treats refers to as the Stock + cylinder, while 77 calls it a BiTurbo kit, whatever, its the same porting as a stock 30mph cylinder. I ported it according to the wikki, slapped it all together and ran it with a stock pipe, it did a bit over 30 but with the stock 3 ball was kinda bad off the line, so I tracked down a Leo Vinci pipe, which really woke it up, so thats it, a nice simple stockish Moby! UPDATE! The Leo pipe did indeed wake this bike up, getting the top speed near 35-37, however its low end was horrific, despite switching to a 2-ball vario set up, soooo I ordered a DOS circuit, its excellent, I did have to bend the header about an inch to get the angle right, this is a pipe designed for av10's after all. Anyhow, now this bike is perfect, it kept roughly the same top end, while screaming in the lows and mids, its not like this was a high reving bike anyhow, so if this was a kitted screamer? I bet you would loose top end with the circuit compared to say the Leo or another big pipe, but if you want low end, the DOS circuit is your jam!






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