St. Tomo the Ripper

by terry dean
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In like 2009 or 10 or something I was running a moped shop up in Seattle. We were a Tomos dealership and I sold a bunch of Tomoses. One day this old Slavic gent in a suit came in and got all misty-eyed going on about the Tomos he had as a kid back in the mother land. Right then and there he bought a new Tomos ST and a helmet and rode it home. Maybe a week later he was back, he had racked up 200 miles on it and said it just wasn't the same. It vibrates too much, isn't as fast as they used to be and it hurt his back. He wanted to see if he could sell it back to the shop, and sadly I said no. Then he offers to sell it to me personally. For $200. He said he could see how much I loved my mopeds and he wanted it to go to a good home, who was I to argue? There's nothing fancy here, I modified an A35 pipe for it, stripped out the crazy wiring harness, replaced the stock seat with an older style Bullet seat, put some silly bars on it and rode the crap out of it. It was a fun bike while I had it, and I probably should have kept it. OH WELL.


2009 Tomos ST




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Maci Dub: Snordley makes a great model!