Sparkle Butt

by terry dean
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Just another budget build Newport, except as I upgraaaayd and play with it more, it ended up costing money after all. Did Flock Yeah 3 with an E50/K-Star/19PHBG/weird pipe, ran like ass and wouldn't go. Decided it needed a ZA50 Gila combo with a 21 PHBG and Proma Circuit for TORK! Moved to the Oregon coast, since weed is legal here I decided Sparkle Butt needed a high pipe, Cut n welded the Proma and it works gr8. The stock swing arm doesn't fit a 2.5 very easily and was always melting sidewalls, so modified it a bit cos I love me 2.5" tires. Also made a bracket to mount a little headlight cos the big one wasn't all that rad and I needed a spot to mount the bottle opener. Bottle openers are an important part of any worthwhile build, how else are you expected to open your soda pops? Puch Newport II frame and rainbow sparkle glow in the dark metal flake powder coat job courtesy of Doug W, front end and rear suspension are left over from vx4, the low bars in some of the pics I made by cutting 6" out of a set of stock General bars, the high bars I'm currently rocking are stock Tomos Sprint. Rob T gave me the Apache long seat that I love, but I'm currently running a little solo seat that hurts my but. Going back to the Apache soon, I think. This thing's for sure a WIP forever.


1978 Puch Newport II




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terry dean: almost a year later! sorry dan! pipe mounts to an existing hole in the frame via with a little rod thingy i made and some m10s.

Dan Kastner: How does that pipe mount up in the back?

terry dean: the proma on the gila is awesome i have it geared out to tame the torque and give it a little more top end, but it'll still pull the wheel up when i give it a little yank.

Charlie Maynard: How was the Proma on the Gila? Wheelie stats?? lol!

Bemor Latebird: I have 2lbs of this paint for my tomos. so tits.......

: that paint job is so awesome.

terry dean: unfortunately it's gone. it was "on loan" for that last LA rally and i had to give it back. it kind of really sucked on the e50 anyway, at least for my crappy little k-star. i wanted high rpms all the time, and the bike would rip once it got there. on the za50 gila i've built, it might have been awesome, but i had to give it back. :\

WillD: that pipe is soo good.