Silver Moby 40T

by brian schulz
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AV10 Build Specifics: Squish Band 1.43mm, Timing 1.1 BTDC, Base Gasket 0.40mm, Motul 50:1 @ 93 Octane. #8 NGK Plug. Top Speed on the flats 62mph w Max Temps @ 360. 11:54 Gearing. Custom Seat, Custom ball joint bracket to eliminate it from backing out. Carb Bracket to emilimate carb from falling off the spigot mount (Providence roads are brutal). Sand blasted all parts and powder coated. Changed to Motuls 800 off road formula 50:1. Had to lean everything out.


1976 Motobecane 40T




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brian schulz: Actually there is a great photo here showing the puch seat and how the spherical rod ends were connected to it

brian schulz: Hey Mike, the seat mod used a puch seat. I took the foam and cut it down. I then used 4 spherical rod ends and 2 connector rods. All hardware was 8mm. Keep the seat clamp from your moby and use it in the puch seat so you can clamp on the seat post. You will have to use washers to take up the slop when you use the moby seat clamp and puch seat. The connecting rods have right hand threads on one end and left hand threads on the other. This allows you to adjust the angle of the seat by just turning the connecting rods. I then have a jam nut to lock each connecting rod in place. You will have to drill 2 holes in the puch seat then drill holes in the brace or luggage rack on the frame. There are 2 styles of puch seats; one has a flat bottom which is useless because it doesn't have the "U" bracket welded to the bottom. the other one has a large u shaped bracket welded to the bottom of the seat. this is the seat you want and this is where you mount the spherical rod ends to.

Mike Cousins: i just got a 1980 50V and I'd like to know how to do the seat mod ???

brian schulz: hey Ryan, was thinking about that also .. but with the pegs where they are I placed the clip ons on top of the triple tree and from a comfort standpoint it works pretty well. I actually am building another and purchased hydros but got longer tube lengths so I could place clip ons on top again but I also have the correct travel in the shock tubes

Ryan Lewis: I really love the lines on a 40t. Well done, really clean. i would personally have cut the seat tube down a few inches on the frame to get that seat low